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Mattermost is a good alternative to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Mattermost is open source and can also be self-hosted.


Mattermost has the same integration and works just like Slack.

Set up Mattermost

  1. Open Mattermost
  2. Click on Main Menu and go to Integrations -> Incoming Webhook
    1. If you don't have the integration, you need to enable it
    2. Can be enabled from System Console -> Integrations -> Integration Management (ask your Mattermost admin)
  3. Click on Add Incoming Webhook
    1. Set a custom name and description
    2. Set the channel to receive webhook messages
  4. Add the webhook and copy the generated webhook url


Set up servicepong

  1. Open the integrations settings of your project
  2. Click Add at Mattermost to add a new Mattermost integration
    1. Set a custom name
    2. Paste the copied webhook url
  3. Click on Create to create the new integration